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gods with a little g Launch Party with Tupelo Hassman, Tues., Aug. 13, 6 pm

Join us Tues., Aug. 13, 6 pm as we celebrate the release of Tupelo Hassman‘s new novel gods with a little g (FSG, hb., 368 pp., $27). We’re still working out the details, but this will be a proper party. There might be live music. There will probably even be a piñata.

The novel starts with Helen Dedleder, unsinkable and wrecked by grief, motherless and aimless and looking for connection, a girl with a gift she doesn’t want to use and a pack of friends who are all just helping each other get by. Watching over them all is Aunt Bev, an outcast like the kids, who runs the barely tolerated Psychic Encounter Shoppe and tries to keep Helen connected to her own psychic talents―a gift passed down from her mother.

Tensions are building, though, in every way. Threats against the Psychic Encounter Shoppe become serious actions. One of the kids gets in trouble, and then another. And Helen can see some things before they happen, but somehow can’t see the most important things happening right in front of her.

Tupelo Hassman’s gods with a little g bursts and splinters with flawed, lovable characters whose haphazard investigations into each others’s hearts will reshape your understanding of trust, how to build a family, and how to make a future you can see.

Tupelo’s debut novel, Girlchild, was the recipient of the American Library Association’s Alex Award. Her work has appeared in The Boston GlobeHarper’s BazaarImaginary OklahomaThe Independent, Portland Review, and ZYZZYVA, among other publications. She is the recipient of the Nevada Writers Hall of Fame Silver Pen Award and the Sherwood Anderson Foundation Fiction Award, and is the first American to have won London’s Literary Death Match. She earned her MFA at Columbia University.

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