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A Man’s World Book Discussion with Steve Oney, Wed., Apr. 10, 6 pm


Join us Wed., Apr. 10, 6 pm as Steve Oney will be here to discuss his provocatively titled book A Man’s World (UGA Press, pb., 340 pp., $23).

A Man’s World is a collection of twenty profiles of fascinating men. Written over a 40-year period for publications including Esquire, Premiere, GQ, Time, Los Angeles, and The Atlanta Journal & Constitution Magazine, the stories bring to life the famous (Harrison Ford), the brilliant (Robert Penn Warren), the tortured (Gregg Allman), and the unknown (Chris Leon, a 20-year-old Marine Corps corporal killed in the Iraq war).

Although Oney has written about many other subjects during his career (his first book, And the Dead Shall Rise, is an epic exploration of an infamous criminal case), he realized early that he was interested in how men face challenges and cope with success and failure. He was drawn to fighters, creators, actors, and desperadoes, seeing in their struggles something of his own. His agent, an ardent feminist, urged him to collect the best of his articles in a book. A Man’s World is the result.

Steve Oney is the author of And the Dead Shall Rise, winner of the American Bar Association’s Silver Gavel Award, the Southern Book Critics Circle Prize, and the National Jewish Book Award. He was educated at the University of Georgia and at Harvard, where he was a Nieman Fellow. He now lives in Los Angeles.

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