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Never Missed with Chris Covert, Tues., Jan. 15, 5:30 pm

Join us Tues., Jan. 15, 5:30 pm as Chris Covert will tell us the story behind his new book Never Missed (Warren Publishing, pb., 254 pp., $16), about his father Mark, a world-class long-distance runner who ran every day for exactly forty-five years.

What started as a hobby quickly became a life’s passion and a legacy for Mark Covert, holder of the second-longest running streak in history. He covered an astonishing 159,000 miles during the 16,436 consecutive days he kept The Streak alive. From his first national championship, to competing in the 1972 Olympic trials wearing the first pair of Nike shoes, Mark’s story is one of toughness, perseverance, and unwavering dedication to the sport of running.

Chris has spent fifteen years working with collegiate and professional athletes. A graduate of California State University, Fullerton and a student of Ken Ravizza, he has worked with athletes in High School, the NCAA [baseball, softball, football, soccer, cross country, and track & field], MLB, PGA, and NFL. As a former Head Coach at the NCAA level, he has worked with over 175 First Team All-Americans and over 250 All-Conference Athletes, along with being named a 9x Conference and Regional Coach of the Year. Chris now lives in Charleston and works as a motivational consultant.

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