Blue Bicycle Books, Charleston, SC

Operator Down Release Party with Brad Taylor, Sat. Jan. 20, 7 pm

Join celebrated local author Brad Taylor at Stars Rooftop and Grill Room (495 King Street), Sat., Jan. 20, 7 pm. Brad will talk and sign copies of his latest thriller, Operator Down (Dutton, hb., 464 pp., $27).

Beginning to untangle a web that extends through both the American and Israeli intelligence communities, Pike Logan is forced to choose between his Israeli friends and his Taskforce mission, even as the execution of a coup begins to form. At the heart of it is Aaron Bergman, a former leader of an elite direct action team under the Mossad, whose disappearance is the one mistake the plotters made. When Pike’s team breaks up an attempt at killing Shoshana, Aaron’s partner, they stumble upon much more than they expected—a concerted conspiracy to topple a democratic African country. Shoshana is the greatest killing machine the Mossad has ever produced, and she will stop at nothing to help Aaron, even if it means killing Pike Logan.

Brad Taylor is the author of the New York Times bestselling Pike Logan series. He served for more than twenty years in the U.S. Army, including eight years in 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment–Delta, commonly known as Delta Force. He retired as a Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel and now lives in Charleston.


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