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Lindy Carter, Annaliese From Off. Fri., Oct. 24

Join us  Fri., Oct. 24, 5 – 7 pm, as writer Lindy Carter signs copies of  her debut historical novel, Annaliese From Off.


The year is 1900 and young mother Annaliese Stregal is forced by her husband, John, to leave their comfortable life in Louisville, Kentucky to move to a lumber camp in the north Georgia mountains where he has launched a timber business with his brother. Joining her there with even more outrage and dismay is the sister-in-law she loathes, Lucenia, who is full of opniions about every woman’s issue of the day – social justice for the oppressed, equal rights, birth control, the morality of female sexual pleasure- and not one domestic skill. To protect their children safely and battle the mountain enemies they have in common, the women strike a truce, but a new controversy in America lands on their doorstep: the annihilation of the nation’s forests. The brothers pick up their pace in scraping their fortune off the pristine hillsides just as John begins to unravel, putting the families’ futures in jeopardy. Unlikely help comes from a pair of Cherokee Indian brothers, but it is Annaliese whomust act decisively to save her family and the mountains she has come to love.

Lindy Keane Carter author of Annaliese From Off v.2

LINDY KEANE CARTER lives in Charleston and is a  journalist whose work has appeared in a variety of national magazines, trade publications, and academic medical journals. She is the author of award-winning short stories, including two that placed in the South Carolina Arts Commission’s Fiction Project contest. Annaliese From Off is her debut novel. Lindy has two daughters and a son.


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