Blue Bicycle Books, Charleston, SC

Alethea Kontis signs Enchanted, Fri., May 25!

Young Adult author Alethea Kontis will be at Blue Bicycle this Friday, May 25, 3:30 pm to sign her new book Enchanted.

Alethea was the science fiction student of great writers Andre Norton and Orson Scott Card. She joins us from Virginia.

Her new book is a classic story with some not-so-classic twists. Sunday is a princess who meets an enchanted frog. The two share their stories and develop a magical friendship. One night Sunday kisses the frog goodbye, not realizing that her love has transformed into the prince of Arilland, a man her family despises. The prince becomes intent on making Sunday fall in love with the man he is, not the frog he was.

(Harcourt, 2012, 308 pp. $16.99)


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