Blue Bicycle Books, Charleston, SC

Taylor Polites signs The Rebel Wife, Thurs., Feb. 16

Author Taylor Polites will visit Blue Bicycle Books  Thurs., Feb 16, 5 – 7 pm to sign his new novel, The Rebel Wife , a story that confronts old Southern stereotypes and speaks to the profound impact the civil war had on the Southern nobility.

Augusta Branson is a young widow from an elite antebellum family trying to survive in Reconstruction Alabama. Finding herself in the ashes of a broken civilization, stained by the reputation of her Union-sympathizing husband, she must now fend for herself and her son.

“Peeling back layers of deceit and myth combined, Taylor Polites takes us into an era we barely understand. The flawed human heart that finally comes to understand ‘the truth’ is at the heart of this enduring, suspenseful novel.”  Patti Callahan Henry

The Rebel Wife (Simon & Schuster, hb. 304 pp. $25)


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