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Anjali Tamang and Sarah Symons, Standing in the Way: from Trafficking to Survival, Tues., Apr. 20, 5:30 pm

Join us Thurs., April 20, 5:30 pm, for a special reception and talk with activists Anjali Tamang and Sarah Symons, co-authors of Standing in the Way (pb., $15), hosted by Her Future Coalition, an international non-profit organization fighting human trafficking and other severe forms of gender violence.

Over the past 15 years, Her Future Coalition has provided shelter, education, employment, and healing to over 5,000 women and children in India, Nepal, Cambodia, and Thailand, enabling them to recover from trauma and build safe, independent and successful lives. Recently, Her Future was selected for a collaboration with Michelle Obama’s Girls Opportunity Alliance to highlight the importance of educating vulnerable girls.

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About the book: Standing in the Way: From Trafficking to Survival, the compelling memoir from Anjali Tamang and Sarah Symons, shares Anjali’s incredible story of being trafficked at age twelve from her village in Nepal to the red light areas of Kolkata, India. Despite enduring the worst abuse imaginable, today Anjal works to combat trafficking and protect the next generation of girls in her community. The stories of the courageous people who freed her and aided in her recovery are woven into the book alongside her own personal insights.

Anjali and Sarah explore the root causes of human trafficking and the factors that made her vulnerable, describing her journey to India as a child, and the large complex network of traffickers and brothel owners involved in selling, transporting, and exploiting her. Anjali was eventually rescued, and the book not only portrays this from both the perspective of the rescuers and Anjali herself, but also describes the subsequent counseling and care she received.

Following her recovery, Anjali was able to return to Nepal and make up the many lost years of education. Now in college, she is planning to go back to her village and open a school and anti-trafficking charity to prevent other girls in her village from having to suffer as she did.

Anjali’s experiences have given her a unique perspective. While child sex trafficking is a difficult subject, the book is ultimately a story of survival and hope.


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