Blue Bicycle Books, Charleston, SC

Clay Rice returns to Blue Bicycle, Sept. 5!

Renowned silhouette artist Clay Rice is returning to Blue Bike to cut personal silhouettes and sign copies of his book The Lonely Shadow (Joggling Board, hb., $19.95) on Wed., Sept. 5, 3 – 6 pm.

Taught by his grandfather Carew, Clay Rice is a 21st century folk artist and a Lowcountry treasure. Watching him cut a child’s silhouette in five minutes has been called performance art in itself. You’ll be amazed when he captures a recognizable profile of your squirming two-year-old in less time than it takes to get her shoes on.

His national touring schedule keeps him on the road often, cutting more than 10,000 children’s silhouettes a year, so events back home in Charleston are rare!

Personal silhouettes start at $40 for two copies. We expect slots to fill up quickly; to book an appointment, please call us at 843.722.2666.

Pictures from past years


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