Blue Bicycle Books, Charleston, SC

11th Annual Bridge Run Show, Apr. 2, 7:30 pm

Blue Bicycle Books presents the 11th annual Cooper River Bridge Run Show, featuring a reading of new work by local writer Jonathan Sanchez. Thursday, April 2. 

Wine, power bars, and encouraging handshakes start at 7:30, reading starts around 8. 420 King Street, downtown Charleston. 843.722.2666. 

Every year, two nights before the Cooper River Bridge Run, Blue Bicycle Books owner and local writer Jonathan Sanchez debuts a new race-related short story. Fun facts about the event:

1. Some characters from past years’ stories: exterminators, amateur astronomers, dressmakers, Air Force enlisted men, yoga-enthusiasts, gun-enthusiasts and hot sauce-enthusiasts.

2. Jonathan Sanchez is not really much for running.

3. Bandit, a 2005 compilation of Bridge Run Stories, has sold literally hundreds of copies

4. Last year’s story, “Annabelle,” is now online here.




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